Beats and Lyrics

Beat making is something I’m relatively new to, but still enjoy very much nonetheless. To read my full story, or see a full list of my accomplishments, see About Me or Awards & Accolades.


This first beat has a sort of electronic feeling.


This next one is very free and floaty and could make for a nice, relaxed track.


This beat is a bit more traditional and true to a typical beat.


This last example is one of my favorites I’ve made with a sort of battle rap feel.


I also write lyrics and can do so for you. Here are a few lyrical excerpts from some of my songs:


"I can only see myself in, an unfavorable light. But if I look through you, then maybe things will look alright."

- © Perspective™


"Just the remark of a mad man, he gets along the best that he can, and he tries his best, everyday, but no one understands."

- © No One’s Listening™


"Another day older the ends gettin’ closer lookin’ over my shoulder for tomorrow. Time it flies by we don’t know why nobody really wants to die"

- © Another Day Older™


I have written for others before, they paid for the rights to the songs.

If you are interested in any of the beats listed here or would like me to create one from start to finish for you, or would like lyrics services, see Booking. Any other general questions, Contact Me.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you!